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Kris Marszalek, CEO and co-founder of blockchain-based startup at the TechCrunch conference in Zug, Switzerland, discussed the company’s new MCO Visa card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrency in more than 40 million locations while the user offers advantages which, in his view, are the best credit cards in the world.
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Marszaleck was interviewed by CNN money about the new card he said he had just used to buy two coffees while holding the distinctive obsidian black elite card. He explained that by downloading their app that contains a portfolio for both crypto and fiat currency, users can use the cards wherever Visa is accepted.

Do you plan a vacation? What's Extremely Alive in Minneapolis? Now you ask why, right? Well, for beginners, there are more than top charts in terms of assessing the best places to live, work and enjoy life in America. Only the utter excitement and excitement that can be drenched in the city is just thinking, and why not? The way the city is made and consists of Minneapolis can easily pass through to demanding tourists in the shortest possible time. Whether you come here for the first time or come back to your n-th visit, you will always find the ever-present dynamic atmosphere and the energy whirlpool that you can read on your shoulders. Associated with airlines, both domestic and international, you can always find a cheap flight to Minneapolis or another.

Named as one of America's smartest cities in the online magazine "The Daily Beast," Minneapolis will surely fulfill its name. Enjoy stunning architectural style, stunning natural scenery and fascinating urban beauty, a city of surprising combination. If you get help with all the old stuff, Minneapolis is just for you. Historic districts like South Devine Street, St. Anthony Falls, Stevens Square, Victory Memorial Drive and Washburn Fair-Oaks offer a sophisticated view of the city's past. But the same can be done through many wonderful museums and memorials that touch Minneapolis. Great respect and astonishment can also be found through cultural opportunities, including monuments and places of ethnic interest. And as regards the pleasure of all creative and artistic things, what is better than enjoying them in many galleries and exhibition centers? These places are rich in unique collections of paintings and other artwork from professionals and upcoming artists.

Rock the city with all their sound and symphonies, various events, festivals and shows can enjoy over a year. In addition to all the interesting sights, Minneapolis offers you the opportunity to soak in the great intrigue it provides outdoors. Make sure you do not reach the green areas in the city. Including over 22 lakes and over 170 parks, Minneapolis is a lover of nature and an enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast. The great part of the city's excitement is the fact that you can enjoy it in the least costly way. You will always find great offers and promotions, promotional discounts and customized holiday packages that will have everyone and everything covered with a budget. Sign up for cheap hotels or staying in youth hostels, enjoy the local flavor of a fine restaurant with special food and drink offers, get access to a number of landmarks for one ticket, choose a city tour for a reasonable price and enjoy a little in retail therapy power, courtesy for lasting sales.

Useful Australian Facts

The following facts of Australia provide a good insight into the history, industry and culture of the continent. Both native Australia and visitors will find learning about the region both interesting and informative. Australia is often mistakenly described as a country, but in fact it is one of the seven continents of the world. His government is modeled on the Western concepts of democracy and is home to some 22 million people. Australia is also one of the most urbanized continents in the world. Approximately 70% of the total population of Australia lives in the largest cities of the continent rather than in rural emerging areas.

Western traditions are evident in many of the everyday traditions of Australia. It is also a rich multicultural contract with the effects of immigrants from over 200 other countries. About 40% of Australians are either immigrants or immigrant children. About half of them come from non-English-speaking countries.

Torres Strait Islander and indigenous tribes represent about 2.2% of the total Australian population since the last census. Approximately 75% of the original population lives in one of the ten major cities of Australia. Many other people live in remote rural areas, and some anthropologists believe that these groups first settled in Australia 100,000 years ago.

Australia has a unique position to be the only nation to capture the entire continental mainland. The entire geographic area measures about 7.7 million square kilometers. After Antarctica, it is also the driest and most fertile continent in the world. It also has a wide range of topographic and climatic conditions. Physical geography consists of dry deserts, lush rainforests and pastures in different areas. About a third of the continent has a tropical climate, and Australia also has a vast coastline of about 37,000 kilometers.

Since the Australian mainland has been separated from other continents for approximately 55 million years, a rich and diverse ecosystem has developed. Marsupials like a koala are successful due to the lack of competition of other similar species. Australia also boasts a unique bird population from the continent only. Some of the most famous animals in Australia include kangaroos, platypus and koala. About 400 of the 700 known bird species are not found anywhere else in the world. Australia has about 20,000 different plant species, including flowers and live fossil plants. There are also 700 species of acacia on the wild wilderness. Among its most famous trees are marrow and eucalyptus.

The National Anthem of Australia is called "Advance Australia Fair" and underwent revisions from the 19th century. In 1984, she replaced "God Save the Queen" as an official hymn. The official national colors were also marked gold and green in the same year.

English is the official language of Australia, and Australian English has its own unique slang expressions and expressions that distinguish it from other dialects. It is actually the most common language rather than written law.

The Flag of Australia consists of a small Union Jack square representing the historical legacy of Great Britain. A big seven-head star symbolizes six Australian territories and states. The set of small stars on the flag represents the constellation of the Southern Cross visible above the night sky of the southern hemisphere. The Australian coat of arms dates back to 1912 and consists of six badges.

Australia's facts like those that make this nation among other things. The history of the continent is a source of pride for its long-term residents. This is also an area of ​​interest for tourists and people who think they will create a new home from Australia.

Caribbean Cruise Ships List

Any Caribbean cruise holiday is definitely the highest deal, and if you have not tried it yet, it's time now; the cost of these cruise ships allows even younger visitors to experience them. So what would you like to have a complete program with daily activities on board a cruise ship, showing every night and gorgeous beaches and islands in the Caribbean. Some people are just starting to go and only a few islands are part of a larger vacation, but most people are exploring as many islands as it can take some more than two weeks.

On average, each cruise ship will visit four or five ports in the Caribbean range, meaning that the Caribbean islands have 10 million passenger visits each year. If you want the most popular destinations in the eastern part of the Caribbean, here are details: 1. St Martin with more than half a million visitors, followed by Barbados and Martinique, which together have four hundred thousand visitors. Several other major sites consist of Antigua, the French-speaking island of Guadeloupe, along with Trinidad and Tobago.

Wedding and cruise arrival have become quite fashionable. Over the last 5 years, thousands of wedding ceremonies have been made on board cruise ships in the warm Caribbean seas. Almost every given year, virtually any given cruise line over 2,000 weddings are actually hosted. This increase is not, in fact, too surprising because it is so romantic, simple and easy to have a wedding event with a cruise ship. Not only is the real wedding ceremony spectacular, but your honeymoon vacation is built-in additional commodity. Most cruise ships have their own chapels aboard the ship and the captain is authorized to carry out ceremonies at sea. Although several boats are equipped with chapels, it is expected that the service will be made at the port of call before you cruise.

Boat trips are a great way for families to spend some good time together. Far from the pressure of day-to-day tasks and family responsibilities, they can take advantage of the opportunity to rejoin and use each other. Several cruise ships have understood this concept and developed special family cruise packages. As for cruises, the most famous destination is the Caribbean. Caribbean cruises for families are associated with great care. Activities are planned to take care of all age groups. Several options are available, so no one feels omitted.

Aviation History

Air travel has a long and interesting history since the first commercial flight in 1933 on the modern aircraft Boeing 247. This significant event has become a definitive brand in the aviation line but has been just one of many major achievements. Below are several fascinating aviation history sights that have grown over the last century.

Zeppelin Hindenburg

The 1930s revealed so-called Flight Aviation History. The German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg was one example of their popularity. However, the incident surrounding this airship was sad because the tragedy hit during the flight. Designed for the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester in the New Jersey Neighborhood, the Hindenburg disaster originated as an airship captured in a fire and crashed. Thirty-five deaths were counted in this tragic event and it is useless to say that confidence in the airship has fallen dramatically.

Chuck Yeager interrupted the sound barrier

The sound barrier was interrupted by Chuck Yeager in 1947, which meant another major event in the movie. history of aviation. Yeager was a test pilot in the United States Air Force and flew experimental Bell X-1 to Mach 1. The plane was at an altitude of 45,000 feet when it happened. Bell X-1 is exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution's National Aviation and Space Museum. Yeager won more than one award for this achievement, including the MacKay and Collier trophies in 1948 and the trophy for Harmon International in 1954. Myra, a native of West Virginia, pursued other sound barriers and even height later [19659002] Boeing 747

Transferring from Chuck Yeager's major success to the 1970s, many people recognize the Boeing 747 and are often referred to as "jumbo jets" of aircraft. Its freight transport and the role of commercial flight make an important part of aviation history. These aircraft, Boeing 747, made their first commercial flight from New York to London in the first half of the decade. Major airlines using the model include British Airways, Korean Air, Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific. In addition to being recognizable, the Boeing 747 is important because it could have so many passengers or loads. In fact, it held a record for the transport of most passengers for several decades.

Aviation Continues Development

The Zeppelin Hindenburg Crisis, Chuck Yeager is breaking the sound barrier, and the Boeing 747 jumbo jet are just three of many aviation turns. While there are many other events in the historical time of flight, these events show some individual parts of the puzzle. Events such as these have helped to create aviation history and offer opportunities for learning and reflection. The flight has been developing for a long time and will continue to change and grow in the years to come, making it an exciting part of technology and history!

Expertise, the key to successful school sport

The prospect of leaving a group of young people for school sports trips, academic tours, or just sightseeing tours can make you more than a little worried. However, if you observe a few basic rules and your organizational skills are top-notch, it can be a great and educational experience for everyone involved.


Of course, your safety and the safety of young people will be your top priority, but there is an urgent need to ensure that they are fully occupied and gained value. Little may be a recipe for difficulty rather than a group of children or adolescents who are attacked by having something to do to get them interested.

Part of helping to make this happen is to have a clear travel destination and very precise action plan. One of the greatest risks to success for any such trip is when you reduce yourself by needing "wings" as soon as it happens.

Time and expertise

Organizing school sports tours is potentially very time-consuming and not easy. Take, for example, a hypothetical case of a trip where you can go to canoes and prospects in France. Not only is it necessary to carry out all travel arrangements, book accommodation and arrange transportation between places as soon as you are there, but you also need to understand what local permissions may be required, what insurance can be required under French law, where to book the appropriate equipment and ensure local instructors.

If you also want to look at some of the local history, you need to find out where the main sights are when opening local holidays (in which case some local attractions can be closed) and so on. It is quite a task, especially if you were not previously responsible for organizing study or school sports trips.

Abandoning Experts

Of course, it is possible that you take all the measures yourself if you have time and you are ready to accept the responsibility that comes with the "approach."

There are companies that specialize travel and activities for schools, colleges and youth associations / clubs, etc. They will be able to take the weight out of your shoulders and allow you to continue in everyday life. In fact, if you consult with them in advance, they can actually suggest a number of alternatives for your school sports tours that relate to the activities or interests that you and your group have

4 Exciting activities for your holiday in Morzine

When you decide to go to Morzine for your holiday, you may want to stay in a secured cottage. Morzine has many of them to choose from, and can give you the freedom and comfort you need to make your stay there even more.

But when you come to Morzin, what are you getting? Skiing is the main attraction in winter and mountain bikes in the summer. But there are a lot of other things that are here for everyone.

Here are four of the best to work with you during your time.

1. Fishing

Morzine joins many fishing enthusiasts, especially for the excellent trout fishing we offer here.
One of the best places to fish is the Dranse River, but another place to visit is the Montriond Lake. Something you remember is that you will need a fishing permit and one of them can get you for a day or your entire holiday.

2. Horse Riding

There is no better way to see the surrounding countryside of the Morzine area than riding a horse. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities in Morzine to ride. You can choose a number of places where you can organize your adventures, including Parc des Dérêches and Ranch de l'Avenir. You can also decide to go through donkey trekking if you prefer, so there is plenty to offer any experience you are looking for.

3. Swimming

If you want to refresh and go for a bath, then you will have plenty of opportunities during your time in your dining room. Morzine has a huge outdoor pool next to the Palais des Sports, so if you have this summer, you will be available. It's the perfect way to deal with energy after a summer day by bike.

4. Mountaineering

There are several excellent opportunities for anyone who wants to go for climbing while on vacation, located in a furnished cottage. Morzine has a number of demanding offers, many of which are on the Pas de l'Ours cliff. If you prefer exercises on the inner wall of a climbing wall, or if the weather is too bad for you to go outdoors, you can find a great wall inside the Palais des Sport.

Get active in Morzine

There are plenty of things to do in Morzine when you book your stay in a secured cottage. Morzine is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and above is just a small selection of all the things to do during your time here. So check out your perfect chat and start enjoying your holiday!

Entertaining travel facts about Singapore

Singapore is a place that many of us have on our spoons. It's beautiful, clean, and it's one of those places that have realized the impact of the development on the environment and have gone a long way to regaining space and restoring its original glory. Singapore is also one of the few places in the world, which is a city, country and country. What you choose depends on your perspective. But one thing is certain, with utter hard work and commitment, Singapore has created a place for itself in the hearts of people all over the world. Millions of people visit this place all year round whether there are holidays or not. For anyone around the world trying to blast, here's why you should buy Singapore Airlines tickets today

1. Shopping

Singapore is one of those rare places in the world where you can get your hands all over the year for some amazing things. So it does not matter if you go in summer or in winter, you will still have some pretty amazing offers so you can satisfy your indoor shopaholic while you have the light on your pocket. Places such as the Dow Street Market are ideal for a visit if you are interested in shopping. However, you can also get amazing things from street dealers that you get to see when you wander around Singapore.

2. All That Art

Despite what you might think, Singapore is really tall on the art scene and has some amazing art galleries with high quality collections of world-renowned artists as well as unrecognized gems from the local population. In addition to these festivals, there is also the promotion of art among local people as well as the promotion of local talent to the international circle. So if you are interested in watching some amazing artwork, then go to the place for you to be Sundaram Tagore Gallery

3. Curious

One thing about Singapore is that you only get real experience with the place is accepted only if you learn to explore it on foot. To do this, just take a little bag with some change and start exploring the streets and scenic and beautiful neighborhoods of Singapore. You will probably find many local delicacies. The famous places to win your heart with your delicacy are Chinatown, Dempsey Hill and Tiong Bahru.

4. Architecture from this world

Singapore is home to the most amazing modern architecture, and is therefore a major attraction for people around the world. If you do not believe it, check it yourself.

Cheap flights

Most cheap flight passengers face an occasional moment of clarity when questioning their own wisdom about using cheap air carriers. These moments often come when your flight has just been canceled or you have just been hit by 300 grams of excess luggage that you have had an unfortunate accident on your vacation.

There is no shortage of shortcomings in all honorary documents as far as cheap flights are concerned, but there is no doubt that this has caused the revolution of the planet for countless thousands of ordinary people.

For many people living in large or remote countries, they would never have been able to visit foreign countries if they were not cheap flights.

And for those living in Europe, the whole area has become a potentially long weekend destination.

The long and short distance travel market has grown rapidly, as Ryan Air soon appeared on the scene in the late nineties. This brand new demography of international travelers, though not without their disadvantages, certainly enhances the possibilities of tourism around the world.

Australians have opened the entire Asian region with a number of cheap flights [] to airlines competing to lower prices.

Local tour operators in places like the UK have proved to be some of the biggest losers because they are suddenly competing with Spain, Portugal and Italy for the weekend holiday market.

Where the choice for the average English family was a weekend in Brighton or Portsmouth, nowadays destinations such as Amsterdam, Cairo and Prague are just a cheap flight. And they show irresistibility with a record number of passengers taking advantage of the opportunity to fly each year internationally.

Some good tips for cheap flights:

  • Always book ahead: Savings will always be in full if you can reserve your ticket in advance.
  • Traveling in Time Out of Peak: Traveling out of peak and between shoulders between autumn and spring is always cheaper than in the summer.
  • Do not be afraid to use a travel agency: Some of them will get access to big stores, and if you're the first international passenger, they can take some of the heart out of this experience.
  • Research on the Internet: There are many fantastic cheap flight websites with access to some great packages.
  • Security concerns have recently emerged in some areas – particularly in Asia and Africa. As regards air transport, the word "cheap" should never be applied to safety. If an airline can not compete on the market without reducing its security budget, it should lose its right to operate at all. Make sure you have checked your airline security records.

The girls on their hen nights scream at the boys at night, the room at their feet is cramped, the hostess is rough, and the time has come and gone before boarding … but when you come, sit and enjoy hot sunshine on the distant shores – without having to interrupt the bank – you are wondering how great are cheap flights.

Cheap flights have changed the world.

Travel and leisure time

The travel and leisure industry is one of the most popular industry sectors for job seekers worldwide. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to see new places, to get acquainted with new cultures and to help create a more comprehensive view of world affairs. So if you are one of those interested in traveling and want to meet new people, there are many jobs available in different segments of tourism and leisure.
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Here is little industry of tourism and leisure, a good job opportunity if you have the skills needed to work.
jet blue
Online Travel – With the advent of the Internet, the travel industry went online. Now you can book a ticket, hotel rooms and buy tickets for the venue. These issues require a computer programmer, a web designer, customer support, and a sales team.
frontier airlines reviews
Event Management – This industry specializes in creating festivals and events that range from the Olympics to the birthday party.
delta airlines
Cruise Ships – Cruise ships are an elegant travel way that is popular among tourist sections. These massive buildings require hospitality professionals, naval professionals, entertainment and security staff.
spirit airline
Tour Operators – They’re all right for those who travel around the world and do not have time to do “do it yourself”. They will take care of all the details of the trip to save their clients from complications.
united airline
Airlines – Air transport is the most popular route for tourists, especially international tourists. Pilots, airplane pilots and flight crew are the most desirable career. However, the airline employs more people as ground staff in the form of air traffic control, ticketing, baggage checks and personal assistant.
Travel websites, magazines and guides – They help people in popular tourist spots, best time to visit and have to see places among others. Here, contract or external writers can work as travel writers.
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Animation – The animated industry creates animated films, some of which are very popular like Ice Age. They also design and perform computer games. Animators, illustrators and designers are very demanding.

Cosmetics – The desire to look beautiful is inherent in every woman and man. This industry “claims” that people do beautiful. Cosmetics and the beauty industry require a hairdresser, beauty therapist, manicure and shampoo technician.

Games and Toys – This sector produces games and toys for people of all ages and groups. This requires creative professionals and game designers.

Fitness Sector – This sector works to make people fit through exercises and alternatives such as yoga. Requires certified fitness trainers and yoga instructors.

Hotels and Resorts Industry – Stay in one of these hotels and resorts when traveling anywhere. This sector therefore plays a very important role in the overall travel and leisure industry, so the occupancy rate of hotels is an important indicator of the state of the industry. Requires waiting staff, interior decorators, managers and catering staff.

The travel and recreation industry is very often the dream of many people. But many people are unaware of the huge potential of the industry.