Expertise, the key to successful school sport

The prospect of leaving a group of young people for school sports trips, academic tours, or just sightseeing tours can make you more than a little worried. However, if you observe a few basic rules and your organizational skills are top-notch, it can be a great and educational experience for everyone involved.


Of course, your safety and the safety of young people will be your top priority, but there is an urgent need to ensure that they are fully occupied and gained value. Little may be a recipe for difficulty rather than a group of children or adolescents who are attacked by having something to do to get them interested.

Part of helping to make this happen is to have a clear travel destination and very precise action plan. One of the greatest risks to success for any such trip is when you reduce yourself by needing "wings" as soon as it happens.

Time and expertise

Organizing school sports tours is potentially very time-consuming and not easy. Take, for example, a hypothetical case of a trip where you can go to canoes and prospects in France. Not only is it necessary to carry out all travel arrangements, book accommodation and arrange transportation between places as soon as you are there, but you also need to understand what local permissions may be required, what insurance can be required under French law, where to book the appropriate equipment and ensure local instructors.

If you also want to look at some of the local history, you need to find out where the main sights are when opening local holidays (in which case some local attractions can be closed) and so on. It is quite a task, especially if you were not previously responsible for organizing study or school sports trips.

Abandoning Experts

Of course, it is possible that you take all the measures yourself if you have time and you are ready to accept the responsibility that comes with the "approach."

There are companies that specialize travel and activities for schools, colleges and youth associations / clubs, etc. They will be able to take the weight out of your shoulders and allow you to continue in everyday life. In fact, if you consult with them in advance, they can actually suggest a number of alternatives for your school sports tours that relate to the activities or interests that you and your group have