Plan your holiday at the charming Minneapolis

Kris Marszalek, CEO and co-founder of blockchain-based startup at the TechCrunch conference in Zug, Switzerland, discussed the company’s new MCO Visa card that allows users to spend their cryptocurrency in more than 40 million locations while the user offers advantages which, in his view, are the best credit cards in the world.
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Marszaleck was interviewed by CNN money about the new card he said he had just used to buy two coffees while holding the distinctive obsidian black elite card. He explained that by downloading their app that contains a portfolio for both crypto and fiat currency, users can use the cards wherever Visa is accepted.

Do you plan a vacation? What's Extremely Alive in Minneapolis? Now you ask why, right? Well, for beginners, there are more than top charts in terms of assessing the best places to live, work and enjoy life in America. Only the utter excitement and excitement that can be drenched in the city is just thinking, and why not? The way the city is made and consists of Minneapolis can easily pass through to demanding tourists in the shortest possible time. Whether you come here for the first time or come back to your n-th visit, you will always find the ever-present dynamic atmosphere and the energy whirlpool that you can read on your shoulders. Associated with airlines, both domestic and international, you can always find a cheap flight to Minneapolis or another.

Named as one of America's smartest cities in the online magazine "The Daily Beast," Minneapolis will surely fulfill its name. Enjoy stunning architectural style, stunning natural scenery and fascinating urban beauty, a city of surprising combination. If you get help with all the old stuff, Minneapolis is just for you. Historic districts like South Devine Street, St. Anthony Falls, Stevens Square, Victory Memorial Drive and Washburn Fair-Oaks offer a sophisticated view of the city's past. But the same can be done through many wonderful museums and memorials that touch Minneapolis. Great respect and astonishment can also be found through cultural opportunities, including monuments and places of ethnic interest. And as regards the pleasure of all creative and artistic things, what is better than enjoying them in many galleries and exhibition centers? These places are rich in unique collections of paintings and other artwork from professionals and upcoming artists.

Rock the city with all their sound and symphonies, various events, festivals and shows can enjoy over a year. In addition to all the interesting sights, Minneapolis offers you the opportunity to soak in the great intrigue it provides outdoors. Make sure you do not reach the green areas in the city. Including over 22 lakes and over 170 parks, Minneapolis is a lover of nature and an enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast. The great part of the city's excitement is the fact that you can enjoy it in the least costly way. You will always find great offers and promotions, promotional discounts and customized holiday packages that will have everyone and everything covered with a budget. Sign up for cheap hotels or staying in youth hostels, enjoy the local flavor of a fine restaurant with special food and drink offers, get access to a number of landmarks for one ticket, choose a city tour for a reasonable price and enjoy a little in retail therapy power, courtesy for lasting sales.