Hotels in Cape Town

There is never cheap travel and while many people are looking for accommodation that is available, most travelers have specific preferences when it comes to accommodation.

Finding a hotel in Cape Town is easy as there are many hotels available in all Cape Town's leisure and business areas. Some people prefer large groups of hotels that are familiar, while others are more interested in the price and area in which they want to live.

If your hotel groups are preferred, you will find that Holiday Inn, Southern Sun, Protea and City Lodge all have hotels in Cape Town. Formula 1 is a budget hotel group and has three different hotels in the Cape Town area. The hotels in Formule One are not located in the city itself, but others have hotels in the city or very close to the city.

Southern Sun hotels are mostly at Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, of which One & Only Cape Town is the newest addition. The Protea Group has a Sea Point hotel and the Holiday Inn is on Green Market Square right in the city center.

There are many other hotels available, many of which are in Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. City Lodge and Breakwater Lodge are the cheapest in this area, but if you are looking for a luxury hotel in Cape Town, you will have a wide range of options. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is very close to the city and an ideal place to stay if you do not want to be in the city itself. Hotels Cape Grace and Victoria & Alfred are two very popular and luxurious hotel by the seafront. While all hotels have their own restaurant, there are many other dining options within walking distance of all hotels.

The Sea Point is just five minutes drive from the city mission and hosts a number of hotels with catering facilities for business travelers and holidaymakers. Sea Point is a fashion area and most hotels are very close to the beach. Protea Hotel Sea Point and Cape Town Ritz are two of the larger hotels in the area.

For the ultimate luxury of the Twelve Apostles Hotel on the way to Hout Bay or Mount Nelson in the city center are two of the best options. Although both are very luxurious, there are many differences between them. One of the biggest differences is the area. If you want to be part of Cape Town's lively energy, Mount Nelson is ideally located. It has an old world charm with every luxury you can dream of, but it is only a few seconds from the bustling city center. The twelve apostles are on the other side about fifteen minutes from the city and a bit far from everything. It is an ideal place to relax without being far from all activities.

This is a few of the few hotels Cape Town has to offer you to provide excellent accommodation during your stay in the city