Lonavala: Weekend getaway

Lonavala is a popular mountain station located in Pune, Maharashtra. There are many wonderful tourist attractions in the city and many tourists often visit because of the beautiful scenery that is found here. There are many great hotels in Lonavala that offer some amazing accommodation that suits the budget and find a room that will not be difficult.

Lonavala is easily accessible from most of the state because it is located on the Mumbai-Pune Express Route and is connected with many cities such as Khopoli, Karjat and Talegaon. The city is also well connected to other places in the state by rail and there are plenty of trains coming from places like Mumbai and Pune every day. The journey from Bombay takes about 3 hours and the journey from Pune takes about an hour. There is no airport near the city, with the exception of Pune and Mumbai. Several tourists from Mumbai and Pune have begun buying homes that are usually holiday homes and second homes. This has led to many wonderful features that come at a mountain station where people can buy great places to stay.

There are plenty of amazing places in Lonavale to offer tourists a wonderful experience. Rajmachi Point offers a fascinating view of the city and the valley. There are a number of bus services in the city that offer great transport between the city and places like Rajmachi Point. Lake Lonavala is a wonderful place to unwind and enjoy the scenery, and Tiger's Leap is another wonderful tourist destination in the city that offers you fantastic city views. There is also a wonderful wax museum located here, which is a great place to visit and popular amongst many tourists who come here often. There are also a number of popular dams in the city such as Valvan Dam, Bush Dam and Tungarli Lake and Dam, which are popular places among tourists to visit the city.

Lonavala is a great place for a weekend stay or for a beautiful summer holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of major cities like Mumbai and Pune. There are a number of things you can do in the city and give you the chance to see some of the most amazing places in the state.