Cruise tips – Ionian islands in Greece

Sailing in Greece is perfect when you are on the Ionian Islands. Ionian Islands is a group of islands located in the western part of Greece. It is perfectly situated along the Ionian Sea on the coast of the Peloponnese and Epirus. Its main islands are Paxos, Cythea, Ithaca, Lefkas, Zacynthus, Cephalonia and Corfu.

The inhabitants of the first islands were ancient Greeks. First arrived at the islands probably near the beginning of the 9th or 10th century BC. However, it was later governed by other Western civilizations. These include the Romans (146 BC), Byzantium (300 years) and the Venetian Empire (1204 AD). Subsequently, before being acquired by Greece in 1864 and claiming the island as part of the official territory of the country, the island was previously transferred to other countries. These include France (1807), Russia (1799), Turkey (1799) and the United Kingdom (1815).

Ionian islands are also known as Eptanisa or Seven Islands due to their 7 major islands. Due to the mild climate and pleasant harbor, it has become one of the most visited areas of the yacht in the Georgia region along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

When you sail in Greece, it is very common for sightballs, motorsailers, yachts, fleets and bareboats. If you have a holiday with children or the whole family, sailing on the Ionian Islands is ideal for you. This is because the islands have calm seas and fine winds. Passengers who are not sailing qualified can also take advantage of the perfect climate of the islands.

Sailing in Greece across the Ionian Islands is an ideal holiday holiday. The islands have several ports and docks that can be used as a charter base. Preveza, Corfu and Lefkas are Ionian islands. These are 3 sailing charter bases. Of these 3 ports, it is the most visited and accredited port of Lefkas. Lefkas is characterized by its Mediterranean climate and interesting mountains. In addition, its beaches have golden sand and full waves. Lefkas & The most beautiful beaches include Perigiali, Nikiana and Nidri.

On the other hand, some swimmers prefer Preveza port. It is located along the Gulf of Amvrakia. The port is characterized by a strong flow.

Sailing in Greece has never been so exciting. In addition to enjoying scenic surroundings in the Ionian Islands, you can also enjoy the fascinating ancient islands.