World-class skiing at Lake Tahoe

People from all over the world go skiing on Lake Tahoe, to see the intimate feeling of the famous deep, dry and thin Tahoe snow. The area around Tahoe receives an average snowfall of 409 inches per year. That's over 34 feet per season! With 14 downhill ski resorts and ten cross-country ski centers, Lake […]

Water – drainage in an environmental issue

I have heard the old saying that water and oil do not mix. But do not be surprised if they play their role as vital assets in the same sandbox. Look at our neighbors in the western United States, specifically Las Vegas, Nevada, to gauge how important water is at the moment. Water? Same value […]

Weekend in Granada

If you are thinking of going for a short break to a Spanish city, Granada is an excellent choice. It has an abundance of culture, historic sights, wonderful restaurants and a ski resort on Spain's highest mountain range. Granada enjoys a weekend getaway from Costa Almeria and Costa Blanca. Throughout the winter, many former hostages […]

Home Insurance – Why Are Rates So Random?

A has a very good credit and has never raised claims for home insurance. Person B has a very good credit and has not made any claims on home insurance. Do you think a quote from the same company on home insurance would produce similar results, if not identical, right? Unless they get a quote […]

USA Potential for Hotel Hospitality Jobs

The United States is possible for everything, for everyone. It is one of the most developed countries in the world and is a center for new jobs and jobs. US cities carry great value to a large scale in every field we have for jobs. Every day there are more than 50-100 small to medium-sized […]

Learn about turquoise mines!

Today we will start the two-part segment which presents and gives a little history to some of the most popular mines in Nevada as well as some more mysterious. We will start things with Cheyenne Turquoise. Cheyenne Mine: Cheyenne is a relatively old mine called "Curry" or "Hidden Treasure". Tony and Trenton Otison, originally extracted […]

American – African relationship with black dahlia

Race, skin color, with all its complex layers of disagreement and entanglement is an integral part of America's social fabric. For more than two centuries, we have struggled between embracing her without intercourse and condemning her inhumanity. We used it for profit; it was blamed for our misfortunes; they slaughtered each other for their right […]