Find the amazing Golden Nugget in Mariposa County – California

A California man recently dug a 5.17-ounce gold nugget in a ruling mother area in Mariposa County, California. The man he found discovered him while using a metal detector to search for gold nuggets in an area where he was 49 years old. The researcher estimated the value of the amazing piece of gold at about $ 10,000 because of its outstanding quality. The mass was solid under one foot of soil, and was restored in late April 2007. Many friends in the field work with excellent results, and a large number of valuable discoveries have been made. Just a few weeks before this latest stunning discovery, another solid mass, weighing more than three ounces, was recovered only about 50 feet from where the mass of five ounces was found. The site is on private property, not open to the public. Sites with concentrations of large pieces of such veils are known as "spots of mass," and finding them is the target of prospectors everywhere.

Modern metal detectors proved to be a great boon in restoring large gold nuggets, as ancient time seekers had no tool in their arsenal that was so close. Although special work and skills are required to find this type of large gold, experienced prospectors in the western United States and Australia have had great success in finding rich solid spots absent from the 19th century old miners. Recent increases in the price of gold, now about $ 700 an ounce, have increased the interest of many in pursuing the art of gold exploration, and many are still heading to the hills to see what they can find.

Mariposa County is a historic site at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range at the southern end of Mother Lodi, California. Mariposa is a popular tourist attraction called the Yosemite Valley Gate. There are also a number of other popular family-oriented tourist attractions in the area, including the California Mining and Mineral Museum. The collection contains mining artifacts, rare specimens of crystalline gold in its various forms, as well as samples of precious stones and fine minerals from California and around the world. This includes Fricot, a 200-ounce crystalline gold sample from California, believed to be one of the most beautiful natural pieces of gold in the world. The city also allows for boiling gold in Mariposa Creek, which runs through the city.