Learn about turquoise mines!

Today we will start the two-part segment which presents and gives a little history to some of the most popular mines in Nevada as well as some more mysterious. We will start things with Cheyenne Turquoise.

Cheyenne Mine: Cheyenne is a relatively old mine called "Curry" or "Hidden Treasure". Tony and Trenton Otison, originally extracted for gold and silver, were betting on this claim several years ago in an attempt to reopen the mine and collect what it missed. Turquoise is formed here as a binary product of minerals. The beautiful colors found here cover almost the entire spectrum of the turquoise world. The green grid and the blue grid stand out from this mine. Cheyenne Turquoise rivals any color and grade mine in the world.

Verde Blue Mine: The Verde Blue Mine is a relatively unknown mine. Turquoise blue with a black grid is the predominant stone of this mine, and although it is a very beautiful stone, the mine is almost exhausted.

Apache Blue Mine: Also known as the Turkey Path, Apache Blue is a very small mine. Although it is still relatively shallow, the mine produces a perfectly beautiful blue stone with a black mesh matrix on the Internet. This high-quality stone is very rare and difficult to find, even in this mine, but it is what every turquoise miner is looking for.

Royston Mine: The Royston Turquoise mines are located near Tonopah, Nevada. Originally it consisted of four old claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Ferrand, and Royal Blue. The turquoise colors here range from light blue to emerald green and are known worldwide for their good quality. Parts of Royston's claims are owned by the Otison family. Produced a large range of colors at very affordable prices, where you get a limited budget.

White Buffalo Mine: White Buffalo Turquoise is a very rare form of calcite called "reddish calcite". As far as we know, no other mine in the entire world is produced. Many imitation stones have figured out trying to copy the shape, howlite, Chinese imitation plastic, … ect. Most of the pits have been played but there are still some gems to be obtained here.

Candelaria Mine: comes from a turquoise Candelaria from the small Candelaria mine in Nevada. They do not produce much stone, and as such Turquoise Candelaria is rare and is collectible. If you like this stone, buy it immediately. Candelaria turquoise is very rare and very difficult to obtain. It is a beautiful cube stone, ranging in color from light blue to dark blue rich in different colors of belt.