Weekend in Granada

If you are thinking of going for a short break to a Spanish city, Granada is an excellent choice. It has an abundance of culture, historic sights, wonderful restaurants and a ski resort on Spain's highest mountain range. Granada enjoys a weekend getaway from Costa Almeria and Costa Blanca. Throughout the winter, many former hostages travel to the Sierra Nevada ski resort for the weekend, enjoying the sunshine at their home on the nearby coast. The Sierra Nevada Ski Resort has 37 miles of slopes, 46 piste and 6 off-piste roads. There are a couple of cable cars and several ski lifts. Suit all levels and abilities. The atmosphere there is very electric and if you are simply visiting for the day the views are stunning. We rented a sled for our son (for 5 euros) and ate a very large lunch, of homemade pasta that would suit someone who was skating every morning! He rode in the cable car and took over the scenic peak of the Sierra Nevada. Also not to be missed in Granada, the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The huge Moorish Palace covers an area of ​​142,000 square meters and was home to Muslim kings.

I recommend buying tickets in advance during the summer. You need to allocate the majority if not all day long to the Alhambra Palace, art, space, gardens, and architecture is what you should enjoy. The bus tour is a must in Granada, the top open bus is pleasant and cheap. You can see all the sights in a few hours, get on and off as you wish. You are given earphones that speak to you through each scene as they pass. One of the sights of the bus tour is the magnificent circuit with an unusual restaurant. An evening stroll through the cobbled streets of Granada's old town, wandering through unusual Arabic shops, picking up some souvenirs, and stopping at the cozy tea room.You can smoke traditional Arab tobacco through pipes, a few feet long and decorated.

Other possibilities in the evening are visiting a restaurant that offers a flamenco dance show with traditional Spanish cuisine. Or can be really brave flamenco dance class! But above all, the only thing that makes me adore Granada is the free appetizers! Every time you buy a drink at the bar, you receive a full course of appetizers, ranging from high-quality cured pork, olives, bread, nuts, seafood, and meatballs, to name a few. You can relax during hours of watching people with a glass of red wine at home and many free tapas dishes!